performance based medicine 

EQUINE SPORTS AND INTERNAL MEDICINE            24/7 emergency care

 LAMENESS                                                        in depth lameness evaluations

advanced diagnostics                                    highest quality imaging 


Our Hospital


hospital wing

Whether your horse is staying a night or staying a month you can count on the best round the clock care from OE. The hospital team will ensure your horse gets the best care, and nutrition to get back home to you as quickly as possible. OE offers 24/7 barn staff and onsite doctors.

Surgery division

The Outlaw Equine surgical team can handle virtually any emergency or elective procedure. OE has a highly trained team of veterinary techs and interns. 

Intensive Care Unit

Outlaw Equine is a 24-hour full-service hospital with a climate controlled intensive care (ICU) barn, surgery barn, and isolation stalls. We offer around the clock intensive care monitoring by intern doctors and veterinary technicians. We also have 24-hour isolation stall camera monitoring.

FULL SERVICE reproduction 

Our in-house team is ready to help with your ranch’s breeding program. Call today to learn more about our reproduction team and services. Services include embryo transfer, stallion collection, cooled and frozen semen, and artificial insemination.  We offer these services in the clinic as well as in the field. 

A list of the stallions that will be standing at OE will be up shortly. We can keep your stallion in great shape, during the breeding season and their mind fresh in our rehab center.