EQ Ultrasound

EQultrasound low frequency / longwave equine ultrasound therapy produces the following effects within biological tissues:

  • diathermy / deep heat (thermal effects)
  • intense acoustic effects (non-thermal effects)
  • mechanical vibration (non-thermal effects)

Diathermy / deep heat is generated only by EQultrasound Red Hand Probes causing a deep thermal effect with a minimal increase of skin surface temperature. Deep heat contributes to increase cellular metabolic activity and enzymatic activity, since it produces vasodilation and raises the local demand for oxygen and nutrients. Consequently deep heat also accelerates the removal of waste substances generated by the injury. Diathermy / deep heat allows for pain relief and a faster recovery of the treated areas.

With specific hand probes the EQultrasound generates intense mechanical non-thermal effects, producing similar effects to the ones obtained with shockwaves. It is fairly common for our vets to treat with our Shockwave once per week and the EqUltrasound once or twice in between shockwave treatments.

We have found this therapy very beneficial in generating healing and good blood flow to many different injuries and in many cases have allowed us to improve our recovery time by a large margin.