Outlaw Equine Rehab

 At Outlaw Equine we offer a wide range of services in our rehabilitation facilities. A large percentage of the horses we see in the rehab are here to improve condition and train for optimum performance. Other horses are here for a specific injury and we use more of our regenerative therapies to help in the healing process to quicken the horse’s recovery time whenever possible.

All horses that are accepted into our rehab program are watched baseline and examined for any lameness or injury. During this initial exam, our veterinarians help our rehab staff to determine a plan for the horses during their stay at our rehabilitation facility. It is common for our team to develop a fitness program, nutrition and diet plan and/or a tailored rehab program to fit the horse’s needs and client’s goals for his stay at OE. Rehab horses are rechecked biweekly by our veterinarians to help determine if any adjustment may need to be made. Our veterinarians always correspond with referring vets to help achieve the goals of the client and horse.

Our rehabilitation center has been successful in treating many types of injuries and illnesses including but not limited to: post-surgery, tendon and ligament injuries, sprains/strains/EPM, neurological disorders, founder, arthritis, foot abscesses, laminitis, and neuropathy. It is our common goal to help every horse improve physically, mentally and nutritionally during their stay at OE. 


water walker

A great tool in our strength and conditioning program, as well as a very useful resource to help treat injuries.


The Theraplate works to increase blood flow and circulation thought out the body. We also combine it with Solarium to complete the therapeutic experience.


The Equi-Resp system is a big asset to our rehab program and helps us to treat many different performance airway problems including bleeders, allergies, COPD and Heaves.  


Our completely indoor climate controlled swimming pool is an extremely useful strength, conditioning, and rehab tool.


This powerful state-of-the-art laser has helped us to treat a variety of injuries and also assisted in pain management on very critical cases


Increase blood flow and decrease sore muscles by a soothing massage. Or help to realign with a chiropractic session with Joanna.


Our innovative design of 4 cold salt water chambers allows for our crew to safely rehab of a wide variety of injuries and refresh the limbs of the highest level equine athletes.


The EQ-Ultrasound is a powerful sound wave technology that can penetrate the tissue and generate increased circulation and healing to many different injuries and ailments. 


Our Respond Blanket is a very effective tool in reducing back and body soreness and also helps to promote good circulation and healing.