Equine Water Walker

Our Equine Water Walker is a great tool in our strength and conditioning program, as well as a very useful source to help rehab many different injuries.

The Horses walk on a polylast floor in close to stifle deep water against an adjustable current to help horses gain body condition and fitness without being full weight bearing

I feel that our equine water walker allows us to gain good body condition to horses recovering from soft tissue injuries, while allowing the horse to gain full range of motion and flexibility back to previously compromised tendons and ligaments.
— Ashley Rice, OE Rehab Manager

The Water Walker is completely outdoor and inground. The ramp is very gradual and allows horses to ease into the water without any abrupt movement or motion. Our unique design allows us to work with potentially anxious or nervous horses to calmly coherse them into the water, whether that means allowing them to follow another more experienced horse or even allowing them to share the same free walking space. Every aspect of the Water Walker was designed for the comfort and safety of our high powered, high energy performance horses.  

The water walker is used on many different rehab and conditioning programs and their level of intensity is usually determined by their body condition and their level physical soundness.